Orri Mandarin (Clementine Or)

The Or, Orr or Orri is an Israeli variety from the famous Volcani Institute: a hybrid of Temple and Dancy. Orri is a seedless late season mandarin with exceptional sweetness, but enough acidity to give it a fine, well balanced flavour. The skin has a lovely colour, being thin and quite easy to remove.
Our main growing areas are located in the Northern Galilee and the Sharon plain.

Available from January to April, Green Line Export will market 1,200T under the brand Lorie supported by “Jaffa” under 3 classes:
Class 1
Class 2

Our citrus fruit is heavily sorted in order to assure a top quality, heterogene, beautifully presented product.
Technical info:

  • Coated with: E-904, E-914
  • Treated with: Thiabendazole and/or O.P.P, Imazalil, Pyrimethanil